Botched Season 5, Episode 16 “A Revision Runs Through It” Recap

Botched Season 5, Episode 16 “A Revision Runs Through It” Recap

Season 5, Episode 16 “A Revision Runs Through It” aired Wednesday, March 20, 2019 on E! at 9pm/8c.

Doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif decide they needed a little “man-cation” and go fly fishing in Montana. Nassif is all about it and drags a reluctant Dubrow with him. Dubrow has no problem letting us know how little he enjoys the outdoors. All-in-all the fishing trip was a success. While in Montana the docs check up on their first patient, a women who went head-first into a chainlink fence.

The pair have their work cut out for them. The patient had extensive damage from her motorcycle accident and the resulting botched reconstructive surgery. As a result of the accident, her nose was wrecked, her face was split from the tip of her nose to the back of her throat. Her cheek bone was crushed and her jaw dropped into her mouth. Due to the severity of the accident she has had trouble breathing and extreme discomfort. The original surgeon had displaced skin from the top of her eye to the area just below it. The displaced skin was preventing her eye from closing completely. Yikes!

The doctors got to work and ended up doing an excellent job repairing the damage from the original surgery. The patient is now able to breathe normally and was ecstatic that she no longer has a daily reminder of her crash. Great job guys!

Back at their office, Dubrow and Nassif are greeted with their second patient of the episode, a botched mommy makeover. The original surgeon did a horrible job and our mommy was anything but pleased. Her breast implants were a disaster, uneven and oddly shaped. I was shocked to hear that one of her nipples turned black after the botched job and the original surgeon told her it was normal. A few days after the botched surgery she was admitted to the hospital and was there for over a month. On to the stomach, a seemingly simple tummy tuck gone bad, the patient describes it best, “I came out looking like I had a butt on my stomach!”, how awful.

Our wonderful doctors worked their typical magic and gave her the mommy makeover she deserved. The excess skin from her stomach was removed and smoothed over, it looked pretty good in the end. Dubrow was able to reconstruct her breasts, without infecting her nipples (who was the first surgeon?), and gave them a nice symmetrical appearance. She was more than pleased with the results declaring “I am back to my sassy outgoing self”.

A pretty mundane episode with positive results, both patients got the outcomes they had hoped for and the doctors will probably never go fishing again. See you guys next week!